Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holidays at my desk for #shoetuesday

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Deerest Little Town in Wood County (Ohio)


Another driving day, and on Saturday I decided it was high time I visited the lovely little village of Rudolph Ohio, which always rises to folks' attention this time of year as one of the places that still has a post office that will affix their custom holiday postmark to any letters or cards that go through during the season. Every time I drive down I75, I pass the exit for Rt 6, just south of Bowling Green - this time I decided I would take the little side trip - it seemed that I had passed the exit by many times too often.

Off the interstate and onto the state route it was a very short drive to the country road that would take me to Rudolph. The road, fittingly named Rudolph Road, was like so many of the others I am accustomed to driving on...no worries on any possible twists and turns - one of the benefits of driving the road before the sun sets! In just a few miles, the road came to a split - I was slightly confused, having only the Google Map directions provided by my BlackBerry to go by - but following the signs was all that was necessary, even though the road twisted and turned a bit to challenge me (but only slightly).

Heading into Rudolph, the sign at the edge of the village was the only thing that differentiated it from the surrounding countryside. The cute little sign with the smiling cartoon head of their reindeer mascot/claim to fame informed me that I was entering "The Deerest Little Town in Wood County", so I continued forward, confident that I would find what I was looking for - the post office - the home of the Rudolph Xmas postmark. The post office address indicated that it was on the main street in town, so I began to keep an eye peeled for the sign.

I reached an intersection - a crossroads of sorts - and it appeared that I had reached "downtown Rudolph." There were building on all four corners of the intersection. Looking down the street in one direction, a church could be seen, in the other, several houses on either side of the road. On the corner just to my right I could see a blue mailbox. Behind the mailbox was what looked to be a small store, with glass windows on the front and side. As I turned the corner I realized that THAT was the town post office.

I parked my car and grabbed my camera. The post office as nestled in the corner of the building, and through the glass windows I could see the windows in the wall inside, where post office workers would normally stand to serve their customers. The small room was well decorated with Xmas items, and there was even a Xmas tree in the front corner, along with all the makings for free fresh coffee. I walked slowly in front of the windows, taking photos as I did. I arrived at the door to the post office and noted that it was closed for the day (hours were 7 to 11 am on Saturdays). I was standing at the door trying to capture a shot of the inside of the post office when I heard a noise from inside - the sound, one of the wheeled sorting carts as it was rolled from the back of the office to the front. I looked out from behind my camera to see a nice older lady inside pushing the cart. To be friendly, I waved to her as she observed me with my camera. Then she did something I did not at all expect - she opened the door and poked her head out - "Can I help you?" she asked. I was so surprised that she even opened the door that I only replied, "No thank you, I am just taking some pictures." She said "Okay," and then closed the door again.

In the moment that the door was opened, I was amazed by the rich warm scents that wafted out. There were the fragrances of spices and pine, and the warm aroma of fresh-brewed coffee - such a wonderful surprise! I wished later that I had had the presence of mind to ask the lady (who I suspect was the postmistress of Rudolph) if I could take a photo of her INSIDE the post office - she in her blue chambray work shirt decorated with Xmas imagery, perhaps in front of the sign which read "Photo with Rudolph $5".

In any case, I did get some photos, I did mail some postcards so a few friends and I will be greeted with mail with the Rudolph postmark affixed in the next few days, and I did finally fulfill my desired to take that detour. It was an interesting afternoon adventure - and now I know for next year where to go to mail my holiday cards and letters!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Christmas corner

Christmas has come to my home away from home (my cube). (-:
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Wednesday, December 9, 2009