Monday, June 28, 2010

ISTE2010 in Denver

Today is the first full day of regular sessions at ISTE in Denver. I am thrilled to find that many of the sessions will either be live-streamed or available on demand via ISTEVision.

I never was afforded the opportunity to attend too many of these types of events – the closest I ever came was the Ohio eTech Conference , previously known as Ohio Schoolnet. These gatherings are primarily a venue for Ohio teachers who are technology enthusiasts to share what they are doing with the tools and resources to enhance their classroom experiences. The ISTE conferences are so much more than this, although the educators there are definitely technology enthusiasts.
Right now there is an event streaming – and if I wanted to participate by asking questions or making comments, I could create a profile. The presentation I am listening to is about using and embracing the connectedness of students – how to leverage it, and how to best encourage it. Fascinating – amazing- and so counter to what was going on in classrooms only a few years ago. It has become accepted that technology pervades a student’s life – now it is the job of educators to use this fact to the best advantage of education.

I will post more as I virtually participate through the end of the event on Wednesday. It will be a very engaging and enlighting several days.

Until later, all the best to you


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